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Pandora Stock Will Only Head Lower

Létrehozva: 2017. december 21. Létrehozta: idlucyse Kategória: SC 0 hozzászólás


Pandora Charms Cheap Pandora stock is up after a mixed quarterly report.

Unit revenue growth is not outpacing unit cost growth in a way that implies profitability any time soon.

Pandora is yesterday's favorite streaming music platform, and there may be no room for it in tomorrow's streaming music world.

Pandora (P) beats, Pandora stock flies higher.

That is what all the headlines are saying, and they are all pretty misleading. The truth is that Pandora stock actually fell 5.5% heading into the report after the company said it would stop operations in 2 of the 3 countries it operates in (Australia and New Zealand). The 2% after-hours bumps, then, didn't even recover the day's losses.

There are reasons for the weak after hours price action despite the earnings beat. Nobody wants to buy Pandora stock. Pandora Bracelet Price Its yesterday's favorite streaming music platform, and there may be no room for it in tomorrow's music streaming world.

The Internet music pioneer is slowly but surely getting squeezed out of the space it invented. Newer, more hip players like Spotify, Apple (AAPL) Music, and SoundCloud are gradually eating market share. Although the streaming music market has grown substantially over the past several quarters, Pandora has not. Pandora had 79.2 million active listeners at the beginning of 2015. Last quarter, that number fell to 76 million. Total listener hours and US radio share are also down since the beginning of 2015.

But falling engagement isn't the only problem Pandora has. Pandora Sale Online Pandora has a major problem making money. The business model has never really lent itself to sustainable profitability, and the way things are trending implies that consistent profitability may never happen.

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